Technical Specifications

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Material Designation AlMgSio.5F25
Material Number Al6063-T5
Minimum Tensile Strength 250N/mm2
0.2% Proof Stress 160N/mm2
Ductile Yield A5 10%
Ductile Yield A10 8%
Modulus of Elasticity 70 000N/mm2
Brinell Hardness 75HB
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (-50_+20°C)
Transversal Contraction Figure V = 0.34
Anodizing Process E6/EV1 Clear
Thickness of Layer 10µm
Hardness 300HV
Section Faces Are Parallel Within 0.1mm +/-0.1mm
Straightness of Profile - Maximum Deviation of 0.3mm per 300mm 300mm
Maximum twist is 1.5mm per 2000mm 2000mm