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Founded 31 years by Chris Chan, identifying the need for supplying industrial automation components with a reliable source of quality and latest technology from Germany and United State of America. In 1985 Ultra Instrument Agency was incorporated. It was later renamed as Ultra Instrumentation & Automation Pte Ltd in 1989, Ultra Industrial Automation Pte Ltd in 2001 and now under the merger with PBA Group, renamed as Ultraxis. Ultraxis is widely specialised in the field of Automation, offering our customers a range of products and services to suit the need of these industries.

Our goal is to establish us as one of the Top Motion Control Specialist in this region. As a result of success in our marketing efforts and excellent sales tools provides by the principals, we have earned the reputation as a reliable supplier for motion control products and services. After 31 years as distributor for Industrial automation component, Ultraxis has learned enough to build its own range of product. Many customers had learned about our company and the customer’s base has been growing each year.

After merged with PBA Group, Ultraxis markets its product through its own sales and marketing offices under the PBA Group in India, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia. Ultraxis’s main business culture is based on excellent service and support towards customer needs. Ultraxis is highly committed to training its sales personnel to handle all technical issues directly, and therefore sends its key personnel to training for continuous product upgrade.

As a value-added automation-oriented components provider, we have a large variety of equipment to suit various needs. From mechanical components like our very own aluminium profiles, or our linear actuators, to our PC-based controller system, and not to mention the range of products that PBA Group own, our aim is to work together to achieve our goal.

Hence our motto, i-Partners In Progress. We strongly believe in collaborations which take into consideration these three factors and processes as each individual project progresses: various Ideas that either side can put forward; to not be afraid to think out of the box when we strive toward Innovation; and finally, Integration, when clients meet their requirements and we succeed in our Purpose, Vision, and Mission.